The Dave Lindahl
Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns

Start creating cash now, cash flow and cash later… consistently, systematically and automatically. Launch the best direct mail campaigns for attracting deals… all done-for-you!

The Dave Lindahl Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns are your key to building an income real estate EMPIRE in any market!

Consisting of the best copy written by Dave himself and tested throughout the U.S., the Dave Lindahl Done-For-You Campaigns were designed to attract the leads necessary for you to perform the income real estate deals you need to secure your financial freedom, FOR LIFE! Whether you’re flipping or holding for cash flow, the Dave Lindahl Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns will work in ANY market at ANY time!

The copy and methodology employed by the Dave Lindahl Campaigns were designed with highest response rates in mind to allow you the pleasure of hand selecting only the best leads. Combining direct mail with our powerful prospect list, whether you choose the commercial or residential Done-For-You Campaign, they utilize the MOST effective marketing tools in the nation to drive the MOST high-quality high-equity, out-of-state and distressed seller leads to your door!

    Commercial Starter Package
    The Commercial Starter Package includes the following campaigns:
    1. 2+ units properties (in geographic area of your choice)
    2. 2+ units properties with out-of-state owner
    3. 2+ units properties high-equity
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So what does each campaign include?

This is the virtual marketing solution for real estate entrepreneurs like you. Turn over the responsibility of attracting home sellers and focus on the crucial basics of your business – negotiating the deal and turning the deed into cash with the motivated sellers, buyers, and private money lenders that we’ll help drive to your virtual doorstep!

Sales Team Live -  Your Virtual Marketing Team
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Additionally, When you sign up right now, you are guaranteed to receive the following bonuses:

The Real Estate Investors Marketing Tool Kit Manual

How to get and Keep Your Phone Ringing With Motivated Sellers Want To Sell You Their Houses! ($599 value)

The Real Estate Investors Marketing Tool Kit 8 Audio CD's

Over 7 training hours filled with valuable marketing tips, techniques and secrets that will create constant deals in your pipeline. ($399 value)

The Real Estate Investors Marketing Tool Kit Forms CD's

Filled with valuable forms, flyers, scripts and cards for your use. ($99 value)

The 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange: Your Key to True Wealth

Learn how to 1031 Exchange your way into bigger and bigger deals completely tax free ($79 Value)

30 Minute Strategy Session

Spend 30 minutes with one of my handpicked and trained strategist so that we can layout your road map to success! ($99 Value)

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